Auto Accidents

We are accepting new auto accident cases with same day appointments.  Don’t wait and see if the pain gets worse.  Come see me, Dr. Jase, at Charleston Chiropractic Associates for you back pain, neck pain and other pain needs.  Don’t worry, the insurance company usually pays for these motor vehicle accident medical expenses.  We will review your case with you prior to any treatment so you are comfortable moving forward and ensure we are a good fit for getting back to feeling more like you.

Our approach depends on the amount of discomfort you are experiencing.  Sometimes we see minor car accidents, but we also see patients that were in moderate to severe wrecks as well.  If you’ve been in an auto accident in not just Charleston, but anywhere and live in the West Ashley, North Charleston, James Island, John’s Island or Charleston areas give us a call.

A lot of our auto accident patients just want to feel the way they did before they got into the accident.  We do our best to make this happen as soon as possible with a variety of physical therapy and chiropractic techniques.  These techniques will allow for a faster and more long term solution for whiplash, neck sprain/strain, back sprain/strain, shoulder pain, knee pain and more.

To Schedule go to the bottom right of this screen and click on ‘Schedule and Appointment.’  Follow the prompts and schedule your first visit with us.  If you’re having trouble with that you can call the office and schedule with Dr. Jase.