Prehab vs Rehab

It’s a real thing to the avid athlete, but it gets lost in translation to the average adult. If you follow any of the Instagram influencers in the physical therapy or chiropractic realm you’ll see these words utilized quite often. What’s the difference between prehab and rehab anyway? I mean shouldn’t it be prehab andContinue reading “Prehab vs Rehab”

Your DNA of Today vs Tomorrow

Need an Office Chair Recommendation?

The key to reducing pain and improving focus while sitting is moving. Here’s a great chair that allows for you to sit comfortably while you work and get some exercise! Follow this link: #ergonomics #officechair #alldayabs

What Causes Arthritis and Can you Cure it?

Millions of people suffer from joint aches and pains that will never turn into arthritis.  Most doctors used to believe that arthritis ran in the family; so, if your mother or father had arthritis you would more than likely get it as well.  Today, our understanding has evolved a bit.  I’m not saying that itContinue reading “What Causes Arthritis and Can you Cure it?”