Top Joint Pain Treatment Option- PRP Explained

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow Cure- Video

Stem Cell Therapy: What are Exosomes?

These components (exosomes) in your body help coordinate the body’s ability to heal itself. There are thought to be very important in the regenerative process.

How to know if Stem Cell Therapy with Work for you.

Does stem cell therapy work for everyone? To answer this question we have to understand the parties expectations first and foremost. If you have terrible arthritis you’ve continuously neglected for years because your doctor was cortisone happy then you’re probably not a candidate or a poor candidate. Sometimes poor candidates or so we thought doContinue reading “How to know if Stem Cell Therapy with Work for you.”

What Causes Arthritis and Can you Cure it?

Millions of people suffer from joint aches and pains that will never turn into arthritis.  Most doctors used to believe that arthritis ran in the family; so, if your mother or father had arthritis you would more than likely get it as well.  Today, our understanding has evolved a bit.  I’m not saying that itContinue reading “What Causes Arthritis and Can you Cure it?”

Does your Doctor know this?

If you’ve ever visited your medical doctor for pain you might have experienced this… You ask questions then they answer your questions with questions about your symptoms….meaning they won’t give you a recommendation until you tell them how much it hurts. If you said 9/10 they would recommend surgery, if you say 3/10 you willContinue reading “Does your Doctor know this?”