West Ashley, Charleston Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Pero 

Chiropractic is the practice of fixing musculoskeletal joint pain through specific low force high amplitude adjustments and physical therapy techniques. These adjustment can help you regain movement, reduce stiffness, reduce inflammation and get you out of pain. My chiropractic practice is convenient and we typically serve patients from West Ashley, North Charleston and Charleston located in South Carolina at Charleston Chiropractic Associates.

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Dr. Jase utilizes a technique that he has developed over the last 7-years which allows him to effectively help families and athletes through specific corrective chiropractic adjustments.  What sets Dr. Jase apart is his focus on overall structural correction and holistic care.  Most other chiropractic clinics will let patients dictate their care which sacrifices their optimal performance.  At this clinic, Dr. Jase will make recommendations for good vs optimal results options so that you can decide based on  your health goals.  He prides himself on being different and offering lasting spinal correction.  Come experience the difference with the specialized unique care.