Common Shit you Hear as a Chiropractor

“I believe in Chiropractic”   —This is not the worst to hear, but for me it’s not a belief, it’s a law.   If I look at you cross eyed it’s because I believe in gravity, too (SARCASM).  If this is what you tell me when we first meet I am probably forming judgments. (NOT intentionally)

“I heard once you go to a chiropractor you always have to go”

— Yes, because the addictive chiropractic epidemic is costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars.  (SARCASM)

“My Boyfriend Pops my Back” or “Is it Bad to Pop my Neck”

— Um okay bye!  Kidding, if this is you and you are practicing walk on her back therapy or play let’s try and pop something please stop.  You may be doing short or long term damage like pinched nerves, or even worse; changing the structure of the spine and weakening ligament integrity.  Find a licensed doctor of chiropractic to help you if you’re having pain, stiffness or reduced range of motion.

“I Don’t Need to go to a Chiropractor Because I Exercise”

—I get that you think you feel better when you exercise, but rest assured exercise does NOT ALIGN your Spine!  That’s what chiropractic is all about.  We are overly trained professionals that are not only excellent “back crackers,” but we know the signs/symptoms of misaligned joints.

“Have you Ever Broke any Necks?”

Stop watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris movies, NO!!!