FDA Approves Latest Smoking Device (details on the iQOS); Taste of Tobacco with Fewer Chemicals


FDA just cleared a device that is apparently a ‘safer’ form of smoking. It looks more like an iPhone than a cancer stick. Since the e-cig, Juul and the vaping trend has become a major player the market now we have another little device. The iQOS was developed by the Phillip Morris company is designed to heat up, but not burn tobacco.

This is a huge victory for the giant Phillip Morris due to the change in the needs of the educated consumer. It differs from e-cigarettes already on the market because it contains tobacco rather than liquid nicotine. But iQOS still delivers an amount of nicotine that’s similar to traditional cigarettes.

As states began placing restrictions on smoking in doors and setting up a foot distance for smokers to stay away from buildings the industry needed to change. This is likely good news for the smoker and the passerby who both would prefer not to inhale thousands of chemicals.

Philip Morris has waited two years for the agency to clear IQOS (pronounced EYE-kose), a penlike electronic device that comes with a sleek battery pack resembling a cigarette case. The product includes an electronically controlled heating blade that warms a tobacco stick and releases a vapor with the taste of tobacco but fewer harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke.


Published by Dr. Jase

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