Conditions aren’t death sentences most of the time. So you were diagnosed with (insert most diagnoses); now what? I’ve seen some fully embody their diagnosis and started to identify by it. Have you met a person like this? They have no idea what this does to themselves and the people around them.

If John came in to see me tomorrow and said I’ve got type 2 diabetes. I would frankly ask him do you like type 2 diabetes? Of course, without fail John will reply, “no.” So my point is that there are different types of reactions to receiving a diagnosis.

Here’s the 3 responses I see:

1. Agree to avoid confrontation…Yeah I know doc I need to lose some weight (spoken sullenly).

2. Deer in headlights- these are the one that have accepted it as part of their lives forever. These one drive me nuts for lifestyle oriented conditions and diseases.

3. The ‘I got no time’ to fix it guy which is the same as the ‘I know I will,’ lady.

Doctors are there to help, coach and guide you along your health journey. If the aren’t there’s a million fitness models on Instagram ready to sell you a meal plan.