How to know if Stem Cell Therapy with Work for you.

Does stem cell therapy work for everyone? To answer this question we have to understand the parties expectations first and foremost. If you have terrible arthritis you’ve continuously neglected for years because your doctor was cortisone happy then you’re probably not a candidate or a poor candidate. Sometimes poor candidates or so we thought do well so we never really know how the individual will respond symptomatically. Let’s re-frame the question.

Does stem cell therapy work most of the time? Yes, with the right know how and protocols these therapies can be very successful in helping with arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, some ligament, muscle, meniscus and labral tears. There’s a lot of contradictory information on the web so be careful and chose wisely. Try to avoid jumping on the best deal because they are likely cheaper for a reason. Find someone with prices in the middle of the road that you can trust.

Although, several companies offer similar therapies they may not be giving you the best chance of having a successful experience. Research continues to pour out which is continuously changing the landscape of regenerative medicine.

How to know if you are picking the right company to perform a stem cell or regenerative medicine procedure? Schedule a consult to fill in the gaps of missing knowledge. This is very important. Yes, these procedures can be expensive, but they can also potentially save you from a very invasive surgery or continued cortisone injections.

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