How to Pick a Chiropractor

I’ve been practicing for over 7 years now so I’ve seen and heard it all.  From “I don’t believe in chiropractics to my doctor of chiropractic medicine is my medical doctor.”  Some have a great deal of faith, others have no clue what I do.  Most people that “believe” in chiropractic still have no idea how different I am amidst the profession.

I studied my postgraduate studies at Life University in Atlanta, GA.  In my early semester I was a bit concerned once I observed some dogmatic principles early on.  Despite, the few that were dogmatic in their beliefs we had a sound physical therapy program within.  Granted most of what I learned about treating REAL patients came with practicing overtime via successes and failures.

My primary goal when someone comes to see me in clinic is to get them out of pain as quickly as possible.  During the intake process the patient will receive a brief explanation of the chiropractic principle, but my main focus is the patient not preaching chiropractic.  I spend most of my time analyzing dysfunction which could be in the joints, the muscles, ligaments, fascia or organ systems.

Once I analyze the patient I recommend a course of corrective care which may include in office therapeutic exercises/stretches, spinal decompression, traction, manual therapy, extremity adjusting, custom orthotics or just straight chiropractic care.  Every case is different so I implement specific recommendations for the individual.

In being a results focused doctor I may send for additional imaging depending on progression of patient vs. what I’ve experienced prior with a similar case.  So let’s talk about this for a second.  There are a lot of chiropractors around town that aren’t very good at adjusting, case management or understanding how spinal manipulation fits into the medical paradigm.


It’s not for me to influence any practitioner.  My job is to steer people to my clinic where I know they will receive the best I can give which is my experience:

  • Chiropractor to a professional lacrosse team (the Atlanta Blaze MLL)
  • Chiro to some NFL football players
  • Integrated Clinic Doctor in a Regenerative and Physical Medicine Clinic working alongside a MD and NP.
  • Certified in BioTE hormone replacement therapy for men’s and women’s health.
  • Expert Extremity Adjuster

When you chose a clinic that is the cheapest in town you are likely choosing a practitioner that is new to the profession or is running patients in and out like cattle.  This style of “chiropractic” is not patient-centered for helping people fix their pain long-term; these types of clinics are wellness clinics for someone that likes having their back “popped.”

If your chiropractor talks about how their technique is superior to other’s ie Palmer, Torque Release or Activator that might be a warning sign as well.  Every patient is unique so the great thing about my method is it’s never the same for any two people.  If you come back for a series of adjustments to my clinic you may notice I’ll so a similar series of adjustments.  I’ve even had new patients from other clinics because their patients feel like the “do the same thing every visit.”  I’m not saying this is right or wrong- I’m saying this is the patient’s interpretation.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor look for one that will co-manage you with other providers.  If the doc doesn’t play well with others in the sandbox find a better one.  There is no end all be all in health…


Written by Dr. Jason Pero DC

JP Chiropractic of Charleston, SC

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