Is Cracking your Neck Bad for You?

Girl Paralyzed from Cracking her own Neck

Millions do it, some a hundred times a day, but is it bad for you?

These are some case studies that I’ve seen in the news recently.

#1- 23-yr old Girl is Partially Paralyzed from Cracking her own Neck. From May 2019 article

#2- 28-yr old Man in Oklahoma Suffers Major Stroke from Cracking his own Neck. From May 2019 article.

These are two case studies of a vertebral artery dissection caused by tearing an artery in your neck. I get asked this over and over. Is cracking (insert body part) bad for you?

Do NOT crack your back/neck or have your friend do it, or a bum on the street. Yes, I’ve actually seen this in New Orleans.

“I heard that cracking your knucks makes your fingers fat.” If you find the research or evidence this would be a good read so please share. I’d like them to try and hypothesize the etiology of this.

Seek a trained Doctor of Chiropractic ONLY for adjusting/cracking your bones and joints.

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