Is it Normal to have Pain While Working Out?

Once an athlete always an athlete.  Just because you don’t compete anymore doesn’t mean you don’t tax your body and push it to it’s limits.  In my Charleston clinic, JP Chiropractic, I work with tons of athletes to improve movement patterns with chiropractic and physical therapy.  So many of my colleagues only focus on the joints, but neglect the soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament).  JP Chiropractic is more than a rehab facility; it is a holistic functional movement and functional human facility.


Is it normal to get pain while working out?

Yes, because most people don’t take care of their spines, joints and bodies they way they should.  In a perfect World you would have your alignment/nervous system checked weekly; you’d foam roll for 10 minutes per day; if you do strenuous exercise you would do 10-15 minute preworkout warm-up then a 10-15 min post workout stretch unique to your needs; you wouldn’t eat/breath/drink a bunch of toxins; you would be adequately hydrated; you wouldn’t have any nutritional deficiencies; you would meditate or perform slow flow yoga etc…

For a professional to give great advice they need a full health history which includes lifestyle choices, how long you sit or stand for work, you diet, the integrity of your spine, your range of motion, the balance of your muscles.  Follow the steps below if you are having pain while working out.

What to do if you’re getting pain while working out...

Step 1:  Stop doing that type of movement!  If you have a trainer ask them for a modified version or different exercise all together.   It may still cause you pain.  Usually, if you have pain during any exercise there is most definitely an underlying problem!  This means for you to put step 2 into action.

Step 2:  Make an appointment with a chiropractor or physical therapist for an assessment.

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I’ll update this post to add specific pain mechanisms and possibilities during common pain aggravating movements like shoulder press, bicycles, dead lifts and squatting.

I know this seems like common sense, but…


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