Meet the Doctor

MY STORY- Growing up in Pain

My name is Jason, or to most on here, Dr. Jase.  I grew up in a smaller town in metro Detroit.  Growing up athletics was always important to me.  Not only did it open the doors for long friendships, but it introduced me to hard work and competition.  I was in sports year round:  football, basketball, baseball, golf and tennis.  As a sophomore, I really became a stand-out football player.  I won numerous local awards, but never played in college.

Dr. Jason Pero DC
Dr. Jason Pero DC

I grew up in a family where we were taught to “suck it up.”  Meaning my parents only took me seriously if it was broken.    Looking back, it seems I constantly had an ache or pain.  Now I know that wasn’t normal, but that was the mentality back then.   My knees and shoulder constantly hurt.  Finally, while getting a sports physical one day I asked him about the pain I was having.  He wrote it off as growing pains which it wasn’t, but I was 16 what did I know.  Granted, this taught me how to push through and tough it out in some instances, but for the most part the pain I endured was unnecessary.

Fast forward to being twenty something and learning about anatomy, physiology, mobility and chiropractic.  I’m in my 20’s so I accepted the aches and pains as being a normal part of life or “getting old.”  I know what you’re thinking.  Twenty something is so young to be having all that shoulder pain and knee pain.  Now, I would agree 100%.

I began getting adjusted by a chiropractor and after about 12 visits I didn’t have any pain whatsoever.  This was miraculous, I thought, because I had pain almost daily for years that I thought was something I’d live with until I died.  So many of us believe they don’t have a problem because they’ve been taught to deal with it.  Stop dealing with it, there are solutions to help you live a better quality of life without suffering, without drugs and without surgery.

It has become my mission to teach and treat my community to improve the quality of life of the lives of families I get to touch.

My Schooling

B.S. from Michigan State University in Lansing, MI in 2008 (4 year undergraduate program)

Doctorate from Life University in Atlanta, GA in 2012 (3.5 year postgraduate program)

More about Dr. Jase

Owned a chiropractic and sports massage office in Atlanta for 5 years.  In 2016 I was brought on to work with the Atlanta Blaze, professional lacrosse team, as their team chiropractor.

Worked in an integrated medical facility for 1+years to improve my physical medicine and regenerative medicine knowledge.

Other Hobbies

Cast in various commercials and some modeling gigs when living in Atlanta.  The most popular one you might recognize me as the Hot Fireman in the Zaxby’s Commercial (I’ve linked here).

Working out is a huge part of my life.  You’ll see me at various gyms around town especially Orange Theory Charleston, HyLo Fitness West Ashley, Pivotal Fitness and Exemplar Fitness.

I have two animals.  One bottomless pit of affection cat named Jackson and a somber shephard-rottie mix, Kramer.