Prehab vs Rehab

It’s a real thing to the avid athlete, but it gets lost in translation to the average adult. If you follow any of the Instagram influencers in the physical therapy or chiropractic realm you’ll see these words utilized quite often. What’s the difference between prehab and rehab anyway? I mean shouldn’t it be prehab and posthab. I guess posthab assumes automatic injury which isn’t the case unless you’re training like an imbecile. And if you haven’t figured it out yet prehab is short for pre-rehabilitation. I don’t like the word because the context doesn’t fit but it exists so here we are.

Your fundamental goal as a human being should be for you to be an athlete of life. When I say this I mean you a built to handle the activities of daily living with relative ease. When you are fit enough to survive and thrive rather than just exist you have done enough prehab in my book. But if you have specific goals where it being weight training or fitness goals some prehab is necessary to prevent injury and to coordinate muscle activation for better more efficient and injury free lifts.

The basics…

So , like I previously stated prehab depends on your goals. Let’s look at a couple examples of what I mean.

Ex1) I call save the knees please…My fat to fit prehab… take care of the knees. Less high impact more stabilization movements to get ready for running since it’s probably the best hiit add-on there is for fat loss. Exercises to gain an and adductor balance as well as hamstring strengthening and hip mobility work.

Ex2) improve power moves like bench and squat. Ensure to externally rotate the hip and shoulder for more anchored power to push your limits. So a great prehab to PR in either is to strengthen the external rotators.


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