3 Tips to Fix Pain with Driving for USPS, Amazon, UPS and Uber Drivers

Click here to watch this video to learn 3 tips to prevent and fix pain while working. As the demands of each delivery service grows so will your time in the car or truck!  

Top 3 Causes of Runner’s Knee

  Runner’s Knee is technically called patellofemoral pain syndrome.  Health.com attributes 17% off all doctor’s visits to be from knee pain.  With treatment, most people can relieve their pain and return to the activities they enjoy, including running.  What it Feels Like: Usually, it is worse when you run/walk downhill or descend stairs. Causes #1Continue reading “Top 3 Causes of Runner’s Knee”

Top Joint Pain Treatment Option- PRP Explained

Best Stretch for Hip and Low Back Stiffness

There’s a ton of different stretches or exercises you could do to stretch or strengthen your muscles. You and I both know that a weak core may lead to more low back pain- let’s assume your core isn’t a complete waste. Let’s assume you are an every day guy or gal that just gets someContinue reading “Best Stretch for Hip and Low Back Stiffness”

Stem Cell Therapy: What are Exosomes?

These components (exosomes) in your body help coordinate the body’s ability to heal itself. There are thought to be very important in the regenerative process.

How to know if Stem Cell Therapy with Work for you.

Does stem cell therapy work for everyone? To answer this question we have to understand the parties expectations first and foremost. If you have terrible arthritis you’ve continuously neglected for years because your doctor was cortisone happy then you’re probably not a candidate or a poor candidate. Sometimes poor candidates or so we thought doContinue reading “How to know if Stem Cell Therapy with Work for you.”