Top 3 Causes of Runner’s Knee


Runner’s Knee is technically called patellofemoral pain syndrome. attributes 17% off all doctor’s visits to be from knee pain.  With treatment, most people can relieve their pain and return to the activities they enjoy, including running. 

What it Feels Like: Usually, it is worse when you run/walk downhill or descend stairs.


#1 Running

Shocking I know! Running with poor spinal alignment or foot imbalances will surely lead to imbalances in the muscles which control the knee.

#2 Sitting

Excessive shortening of certain muscles while at your computer desk for 8 hours is helping your boss not your body.

#3 Poor Exercise Execution

Have you seen the meme’s of people performing the exercise wrong? They are hilarious so after you finish watching my youtube video google that. Anyway, proper technique is most important for proper leg and thigh muscle engagement to ensure proper balance. Friend’s don’t let friends skip leg day. Okay, see the meme below.

Friend's don't let friends skip leg day workouts.
If you haven’t figured it out yet look at his tiny calf muscles.

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