Top 5 Causes of Tennis Elbow

Newer workout programs today will cycle cardio, strength training, and yoga throughout the week to avoid overworking any one muscle group. Muscles are meant to be worked, but not overused. One medical condition caused by overuse of the forearm muscles is called, “tennis elbow.” Ironically, it’s possible to receive this diagnosis without ever having picked up a tennis racket. There are many reasons you may experience inflammation in the muscles and tendons of your forearm that can lead to tennis elbow. Below is a list of common reason people get Tennis Elbow.

#1- Repetitive Gripping Activities

This is a broad category of potential causes. Historically it’s included activities and occupations that involve repeated use of a muscle.

  • Landscaping: The grip-action of hedge clipping, raking, hand-weeding, and even holding a small power tool stable over time can cause elbow tendinitis in Atlanta
  • Painting: Full-time painters often complain of pain radiating from the elbow. Their days are full of repetitive wrist and elbow action as they scrape, prime, and re-paint surface.
  • Construction: Hired laborers on a construction site spend hours hammering, using screwdrivers, and handsaws.
Elbow pain

#2- Sports

This injury is aptly named, for tennis players make up the majority of athletes who develop elbow injury in Atlanta. Baseball, basketball, and volleyball players can fall victim to tennis elbow or elbow tendinitis, too, if they’re not careful about using the correct form. The injury may worsen over time if you continue to use the muscle incorrectly.

#3- Hobbies

Hobbies are meant to be relaxing, but some of the most trending hobbies of the 2019 can cause more physical stress to these muscles and tendons:

  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Tatting

These crafts have recently become a popular pastime. The repetitive motion involved can be a double whammy to your forearm muscles, as you’re simultaneously rotating and flexing. The result can often be an elbow tendonitis condition in the United States.

#4- The Workplace

It’s 2019, chances are the great majority of your workday consists of computer work. Small muscle injuries, like Tennis Elbow, aren’t exclusive to front-desk secretaries. Pay attention to how much you’re typing in a day and how you move your wrist when manipulating the touch-pad or the hand-driven mouse.

#5- Communication

The primary cause of tennis elbow is defined as, “repetitive gripping activities, especially if they use the thumb and first two fingers.”

For most, the act of holding a smartphone while simultaneously manipulating the screen is routine. It’s also causing you a great deal of potential pain, as you’re asking muscles to work incorrectly all-day long.