Weight Loss


Did you know it’s not just you and it gets harder to lose weight as you age.  Most of the time I see people start on a health journey it’s because they woke up one morning and didn’t like how they looked naked or because they wanted to be more attractive for their husband, boyfriend, wife, etc.   We get busy with work, kids, school and neglect our bodies- shit happens!  Let’s get you started on the right path towards having more energy, looking better, and feeling more confident.

My practice is more sports oriented, but I will see patients from all walks of life.  As a doctor of chiropractic medicine I’ll see a lot of people suffering from back pain from various causes.  One of complicating factors for some of my cases is obesity.  Most don’t make this connection between the two but there is a major association.

Because I believe in treating the whole person I’ve decided to partner with a company that I personally align with in diet, nutrition and whole food incorporation.  I’ve seen all of the gimmicky weight loss stuff, the hcG diet (medical weight loss), paleo, Keto and more.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying nutrition, macro nutrients, diets and published journal articles to help my patients not only heal, lose weight but feel better.

Let’s face it when we look better we feel better and more confident about ourselves.  Not only that, but our bodies are getting the the nutrition it deserves.  It’s amazing to me that so many people my age look so much older than I do.  The first thing that they ask is what do you use for you skin.  I’m 36 years old, but will often be mistaken for being 28-30.

One of the best natural anti-aging secrets is diet and nutrition.  Isagenix helps support healthy aging with their product lines.  I’ve vetted the company and the if you know me personally know that I use everything I promote.  If you’re looking for an easy 30-day system to get started with your weight loss journey on click here to check it out.  With it comes a weekly check-in with me to get measurements, touch on goals and make modifications if necessary.