What Causes Arthritis and Can you Cure it?

Millions of people suffer from joint aches and pains that will never turn into arthritis.  Most doctors used to believe that arthritis ran in the family; so, if your mother or father had arthritis you would more than likely get it as well.  Today, our understanding has evolved a bit.  I’m not saying that it can’t run in your family or that there is a genetic component because there is.  But, most of the time this disease is caused from years and years of daily lifestyle choices.

If you’ve lived a life of excess for many years you’re likely to have some form of arthritis. Life of excess can be defined as drinking copious amounts of alcohol; playing a lot of sports; weight training with more weight than you should have; or running a few too many Ultra races.  Like every other machine in the World, your body isn’t immune to wear and tear.  The cartilage in the knees, hips, back and elsewhere will wear down over time. Poor dietary choices for many years can also contribute to accelerating this disease process due to excessive weight you’re carrying around.  No matter the cause there are treatments and therapies that can stagnate or even reverse the disease process to some degree.

Arthritis is not “curable” but it is highly treatable. Some common treatment interventions include may be making dietary changes like reducing the amount of sugar consumption or limiting the amount of excessive activity.

What foods cause arthritis inflammation?

Repeated inflammation over a long period of time will lead to degenerative joint disease. What you put in your gut affects how your joints feel and function. Inflammatory foods like sugar will cause inflammation and pain in the joints.  Your joint may be inflamed, but you may not always feel pain.  Click here to read more about some of the most common foods that cause arthritis. Here is a quick list: sugar, aspartame, trans fats, saturated fats, omega-6 fatty acids, MSG, gluten and casein.

What medications reduce arthritis inflammation?

  • Anti-inflammatory pain reliever drugs (NSAIDs — such as aspirinibuprofen, or Celebrex)
  • Corticosteroids (such as prednisone)
  • Other medications* include chemotherapy drugs, disease modifying treatments, biologic therapy (stem cell therapy or PRP- Natural Therapies!), or narcotic pain relievers


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