What does it mean to truly be healthy?

Health is not purely the absence of disease, but it is the full expression of you chemically, physically and emotionally. Everyday we are faced with thousands of decisions we make consciously and unconsciously which will affect our health.

The thoughts we think, the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink, the stress we accumulate, the sleep we get, the exercise we do or don’t do, etc… These are all building decision that have created our current state of health. You may feel tired, stressed, worn out, overwhelmed, fat, lazy, etc due to how you handle some of these daily health decisions.

I’m going to tell you it’s still okay. It took you years to earn the body and health you have now. Over 90% of all health conditions are self-induced meaning we did it to ourselves. You got to where you are over the course of years. Don’t fret, a diagnosis or condition is not a death sentence. Most of our chronic diseases that plague this country, costing billions of dollars, are often self-inflicted. It definitely easier to avoid a disease/conditions than it is to fix it.

I personally fell victim to these stresses which led me to poor diet, nicotine dependence and self pity. I let these things define me after my stress burden overwhelmed me and I didn’t know what to do. Rather than make good health decisions I beat myself up physically, chemically and emotionally.

But I’m here and I overcame it. You will too! I look forward to hearing more stories from you guys. Until then, keep on keeping’ on, but in a healthy manner…

Published by Dr. Jase

Thanks for visiting. More about me...I wanted to be a doctor as long as I can remember. My passion is and always will be to help people solve their health problems and inspire them to be better versions of themselves. I completed my undergrad at Michigan State University where I studied Physiology. It was there I shadowed in a local hospital, talked to scientists, counselors, medical doctors and chiropractors. After much consideration I attended Life University in Atlanta, GA. Prior to attending Life U I had never been to a chiropractor. All I knew is they help peoples' spines. Shortly after attending I received my first adjustments. Previously, it was ingrained in my head that pain was normal and to ignore it. As part of the process at Life U you are assigned a student intern that is learning to adjust people. Little did I know their learning experience on my spine would be my miracle. At 26, I've had constant shoulder pain since my days on the high school football team. I was 100 percent convinced I'd have to live with it forever. After being under care for a few weeks things started to change and shortly thereafter my pain was gone. Besides the knowledge in joint pain and spinal adjustments I became well-versed in other aspects of holistic care like diet, exercise, and other chronic disease processes that can be reversed via lifestyle. I love to teach and like to be creative so starting a blog, youtube channel and instagram profile check all my boxes for what makes me happy as a person. Other accolades: I became the go to chiropractor in the Atlanta area for athletes and families. The Atlanta Blaze MLL (professional lacrosse) team brought me on to be their team chiropractor. 2015 Nationally Qualifed NPC Men's Physique Competitor I also did some modeling and even acted in a few commercials for fun.

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